Saturday, August 12, 2017

New Home Tour: Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom may seem a strange place to begin showing you around our new home, but it is, in fact, the only room in the house completely finished (smile). This was the first room in the house we started hanging hardware and decor, as it sits near the living room and is easily accessible to any visitors.  

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Building a House and Moving In

 The day finally arrived and we moved into our house!  It's been exactly a month now and we are so happy to be here.  I took these snapshots a few days before we moved in and although they have been sitting on my computer since, I've been enjoying getting unpacked and settled into our new home and the days have just flown by.  I wasn't exactly sure how it would feel moving into a brand new house, but the truth is it almost immediately felt like home and wonderfully us.     

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bathroom Planning, Designs and Resources

We are so very close to moving into our new home (just one more week!) and I'm sure you can imagine how excited we are.  There was a lot of planning involved while building and I thought today it would be fun to share a little of my bathroom planning and resources!

We have three bathrooms in our house and as I began selecting materials, my overall goal was to create three unique rooms that also complemented one another.  I wanted each room to have its own personality, yet if the three rooms were viewed at once, they would obviously belong together.  So I began to think of ways that I could incorporate different materials that would also fit together.

The floor tile was the first thing that I selected and it really set the tone for each room's design.  My goal with our entire house was to create something beautiful, timeless and thoughtful.  I didn't want anything in our house to feel too "new", modern or trendy, but really wanted to try and bring in some of those classic elements that bring so much character to a home and yet never go out of style.

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